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About the man who makes the instruments.

About Thomas Coughlin

Since graduating the fine woodworking program at Rockingham Community College, NC in 1993 , Tom has built furniture, boats, barns, and horse-powered farm implements as well as musical instruments.

This varied experience has deepened his understanding of the subtle characteristics of different woods, and how particular woods are suited for specific applications.  Through intuitive experimentation and investigation, Tom selects the combination of materials to achieve the desired tonal quality of each guitar and ukelele.

Many of Tom's guitars feature marquetry inlays that depict the interior construction of the instrument.  This is an expression of his belief that many craftsmen hold: that their work should be as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.  In this way, the owner can enjoy some of the technical satisfaction that the luthier enjoys.

Inlays are constructed with various wood veneers which are set into the solid wood of the instrument.  Tom's marquetry work can be found not only in his custom guitars and ukes, but also in the work of his mentor, Silas Kopf.