What people are saying about Tom and his work.

I could write paragraphs about what a genius I think Tom Coughlin is and how I marvel at his skill each time I play my Coughlin Acoustic Guitar but I think my thoughts as a musician and guitar lover could be best expressed by sharing two experiences:

When packing for a family road trip, I oftentimes wrestle with whether I should forgo bringing clothing for myself in order to convince my wife that "we have plenty of room for my guitar" in our small family car (my thinking is I can always fit a few pairs of clean underwear in my guitar case)

Our neighborhood was having a series of break-ins last Spring. As a result, my Coughlin Guitar immediately became a resident of my bedroom. Let them have any of my other possessions! I can live without a computer, TV etc...

John Townsend - 2010

So Tom and i were about to walk some land. He said, you play guitar would you try out this guitar that i just made. I said happy to. Well he takes out the instrument and it is breath taking to look at. I strum a few bars and it plays like butter. I say okay how much. I am now the proud owner of a Tom Coughlin original.

I play out and often need a second guitar on stage in another tuning. Sometimes i just enjoy looking at it in its cradle on stage and play my 40 year old Martin, that i have had since my sweet sixteen. It has took a lot to get me switch guitars. The instruments compliment each other. The guitars not only make me look good, but gratefully sound good.  Thank you Tom for contributing to my much improved sound.

Joanie Schwartz - June 2011

I've owned one of Tom's guitars for nearly 8 years now.  When I take it on a performance, I always get two comments.  One when I take it out of the case about how beautiful it looks, and the other when they hear how great it sounds.  The best guitar I ever owned.

Al Plourde - August 2011